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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Secret provisions of Yalta finally exposed

By Aussiegirl

In a powerful column today Phyllis Schlafly exposes the hidden provisions of the shameful Yalta Treaty, repudiated by President Bush in his remarkable speech in Latvia, (read text here) in which he stated that the secret treaty "will be remembered as one of the greatest wrongs of history." She also gives lie to the defenders of Roosevelt who have claimed that he had no choice but to offer these concessions in order to win Russian participation in the war in the Pacific.

Ms. Schlafly writes:

No treaty was submitted to the U.S. Senate; indeed, the record of what went on at Yalta was not released until 10 years later.

The Soviets demanded, and FDR acquiesced, that the conference be held on Soviet soil (where they could plant listening devices).

Read the recently unclassified CIA document describing how Roosevelt allowed himself to be taped and duped by Stalin in Yalta, printed earlier here on UT.

FDR came home from Yalta and made a false report to Congress. Calling it "a personal report to you and to the people of the country" he asserted, "This conference concerned itself only with the European war and with the political problems of Europe, and not with the Pacific war."

Here is a list of the European AND Asian concessions he made to Stalin, which were confirmed by the Yalta documents released on March 16, 1955.

- Poland was turned over to the Soviet Union. The United States and Britain agreed to recognize Communist stooges as the new Polish government and to withdraw recognition from the legitimate anti-Communist government of Stanislaw Mikolajczyk.

- Germany was to be dismembered, its "national wealth" removed within two years, and several million Germans were to be sent to the Soviet Union to work as slave laborers. The record quotes Roosevelt as saying, "I hope Marshal Stalin would again propose a toast to the execution of 50,000 officers of the German army."

- All Russian citizens who had fled to Germany from Communism were to be forcibly returned to the Soviet Union (i.e., the gulag).

- The Soviet Union was allowed to keep control of Outer Mongolia, which the Soviets had seized from China. The southern part of Sakhalin and all the adjacent islands were given outright to the Soviets.

- The Kurile Islands were given outright to the Soviets, and Port Arthur was given to the Soviets for use as a naval base. The Soviets were given effective control of the commercial port of Dairen, the Chinese-Eastern Railroad and the South-Manchurian Railroad, using the subterfuge of assuring that the Soviet Union's "pre-eminent" interests would be "safeguarded."

- The Soviet Union was given three votes in the United Nations, while all other nations got only one.

Roosevelt's defenders have tried to claim that his concessions were necessary to bribe Stalin to enter the war against Japan. The Yalta papers prove that was false: 3 1/2 months before the Yalta meeting, Ambassador Averell Harriman had relayed to Roosevelt a "full agreement from Stalin not only to participate in the Pacific war, but to enter the war with full effort."

Russia wasn't needed in the Pacific war, and letting Russia in simply opened the way for a Communist empire in China and North Korea. This set the stage for the Korean War in the 1950s and for the son of the original North Korean Communist dictator to threaten us with nuclear weapons today.

News photos of the Yalta meeting reveal the hovering presence of the Communist spy Alger Hiss. As the chief adviser to Secretary of State Edward Stettinius, Hiss attended nearly all the Yalta meetings and could be reached on telephone No. 3, right after FDR. with No. 1 and Stettinius with No. 2.

Hiss was given all top-secret files and documents about the U.S. position 19 days before the conference. Sen. William Knowland, R-Calif., said this made FDR "like a man playing poker with a mirror at his back."

While Republicans and honest writers such as David Lawrence and John T. Flynn denounced the Yalta betrayal, the pro-Roosevelt media praised it. Time called Yalta "a great achievement," Life called it "a success," and the New York Times called it "a milestone on the road to victory and peace."

And once again, if you think the machinations of Newsweek and CBS News and Dan Rather are a new phenomenon -- all you have to do is look back in history to see that the MSM is following in the same traditions established long ago -- always toeing the liberal line -- always flacking their own agenda.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Michael Morrison said...

There is a classic opera story about the tenor who was so dumb, even the other tenors noticed.
Franklin del Ano Roosevelt's betrayal of the United States and of Eastern Europe, and indeed all the peoples of the world who might have wanted freedom, was so blatant that even George W. Bush noticed.
Despite his own, and his administration's, efforts to further our own Sovietization, even George W. Bush felt moved to speak about the Yalta betrayal.
I hope he won't wait another 60 years to realize his actions, from the aggressive war against Iraq to the USA PATRIOT Act to the possibly final nail, the REAL ID bill that was so dishonestly included in the dishonestly named "emergency appropriations" bill, have done to the people of the United States just what the Yalta betrayal did to the people of Eastern Europe.

At 10:56 PM, Anonymous blackminorcapullets said...

I am not sure what the abdication of half the world to the genocide of 60 million has to do with Bush, but certainly Yalta is finally eting the infamy it richly deserves.

Just think - 50 million death sentences handed out by FDR. This is far more heinous than his recognition of the Bolshevics in 1933 so that his son Elliot could "earn" a million dollar commission on the sale of airplanes to the Kremlin.

At 8:28 AM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Granted the atomic bomb ended the War in Japan early, but the Russians did not formally enter the Pacific fray until the very last day allowed for by Yalta. It`s hard to see what the Russians would have accomplished against Japan anyway, since their troops were in Europe. They would have had to move forces over the one-track Trans-Siberian Railroad to get them into fighting position, and then they would only have the benefit of strengthening the Soviet grip on the east Asian mainland. Why Roosevelt thought this was worth the cost is beyond me; the real battle was going to be in Japan itself, and the Soviets were not required to invade Japan. (I know, they could tie up Japanese troops in Manchuria and elsewhere; of course they would then own manchuria and elsewhere.)

Roosevelt`s blue-blood arrogance coupled with the treason of Hiss cost the World dearly.

At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the soviets did was capture Manchuria and rape the citizenry there, whether defeated Japanese or welcoming Chinese. They also looted billions of dollars of infrastructure, including factories, presses, generators and the like leaving Manchuria without electricity and power. And of course they took over Mongolia and Sakhalin and the Kuriles ensuring that Russia and Japan to this date have not signed a peace treaty.

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Hiss was given all top-secret files and documents about the U.S. position 19 days before the conference. Sen. William Knowland, R-Calif., said this made FDR "like a man playing poker with a mirror at his back.

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