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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Is Hillary rising on a tide of Republican adulation?

By Aussiegirl

Dick Morris, writing in today's New York Post talks about Hillary's increased popularity and likelihood of winning the 2008 presidential nomination from her party. The curious question is -- why are Republicans, led by the Bush family, rushing to help her on her way? This is completely inexplicable to me and most Republicans. Are they really so completely foolish and gullible as to believe she has grown more conservative and can be "worked with" in the future? Are they taken in by her charm? Hard as it is for us die-hard Hillary watchers to believe, those who know her say that when she wants to she is capable of laying on the charm with a trowel.

Or is this some too-clever-by-half strategy of coopting the "moderate" voter by making themselves appear ready and willing to work with the other side. Just what is the fascination with the Clintons by the Republican party? Do they really believe they can make themselves liked by the media and the bi-coastal elites? If they do they really have gone off the deep end and into the abyss.

Whatever the case, if Hillary is rising then you can thank Bill Frist, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and other Republicans, including the President -- all of whom have inexplicable gotten chummy with her and can't wait to have a photo op with her. Gingrich is helping her in a health bill that he helped co-write and he thinks she's just hunky-dory.

And the Bushes have practically adopted Bill into the family and singlehandedly whitewashed Clinton's abysmal non-existent legacy. Why? Only they can answer. However, they have provided her with the veneer of moderation and strength which she does not deserve. And yes, she is tougher on the immigration issue than the President -- so where does that leave the Republican party if they cede their most powerful issues to her?

Hillary's move to the center - including her frequent association, in public, with the likes of Newt Gingrich, Bill Frist and Rick Santorum - is clearly paying dividends. It is also likely that Bill Clinton's constant appearances with President Bush Sr. and his highly visible efforts for the tsunami victims are helping rehabilitate his wife's image.

The linkage between Bill's and Hillary's images is apparent. In the Fox News poll, 38 percent of voters, including the vast bulk of Democrats, said that they would be "enthusiastic" about seeing Bill return to the White House as "first husband." (Of course, 33 percent said they were more frightened by the prospect.)

Hillary's and Bill's surges are largely due to the complicity of leading Republicans in implicitly endorsing her move to the center by appearing with her. President Bush needs to get his father to pull back on his public bobsey-twins identification with Bill and Republicans need to let Gingrich et al know of their displeasure with his newfound best-buddy relationship with Hillary.


At 1:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI, it's Carol. Don't count me in. I wanna bet ya some money that Hillary LOSES her re-election bid in '06. But she doesn't see this coming. The press is so full of adulation ... it's like watching the media hype for ISHTAR. (Well, I'm sure there have been other expensive busts out there.) But this one I can remember. Before I tuned out movies.

But Hillary winning anything is just a prediction. Maybe, if she changed her name to SeaBiscuit?

The democraps, like hollywood, haven't figured out their problems, yet. They just keep stocking their shelves, though, with merchandise people don't pay for.

How can Hillary win if American anger soon turns to the senate, itself, as a do-nothing body?

You still want my money? I'm betting CORZINE, and his millions, ends up in '06 in New Jersey. As governor.

Okay, while I'm here why not a game like CLUE, that we used to play? Where we could pick Col. Mustard, in the kitchen, with the rope. But we could do this with politics. Ya know, I just keep having faith in the American PEOPLE.

At 4:29 AM, Blogger Billy D said...

Oh yeah. I think she's just hoping (and counting on her minions to make sure) that she squeaks out a win in '06, then she will, I'm sure. turn on the likes of Dean and Durbin, to endear herself to the American people.
As to the republicans helping her, I don't know why, but for Barbara Bush to call Bill "son" is mind numbing. Lets not forget what sonny-boy did to her husband in '92.
I can promise the republicans are not being taken in, so their motive is unknown to me. It makes no sense. But the possibility of Bill Clinton on the Supreme Court (and should she win, it's a real possibility) is scary as hell.

At 1:46 PM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

Oh my gosh! This is indeed a crisis! You got Anonymous (Carol), to come out and speak her mind!

I'm with you all on the Bush/Clinton love fest of late. It makes me want to gag. I just heard yesterday, that the Clintons will be accepting Bush 41's invitation to Kennebunkport later this month.

When I first heard about the invitation, I was hoping that it was just a silly tabloid type story. But, evidently it is for real, and there is no way in h___ that the Clintons won't be there for all the official photo opps. Our last hope is that one or both of them fall off the boat!

The only reason that I can think of for the Bushes to be taking this route, would be if it had something to do with Jeb Bush's future in politics.

As for Hillary being a tough politician, etc., she is not the equivalent of a seasoned male politician who would make a good president. Unlike Ronald Reagan or Bush 43, she has no moral center. She would be the second coming of Bill Clinton, only more mean and petty than even he was in his hay day.

At 9:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, the Bushie's are not fools. By befriending Bill (the kitten licker; see I cleaned it up.) Hillary's ballooning hips rise above the ordinary ... and make it look like she has potential.

I'm of the mind to notice that if I wanted an opponent in '08 that's even worse for the "craps" (democraps, to the uninitiated.) Then, if I couldn't drug the horse; I'd pick Hillary ... LIke a moving line of human endeavor ... going backwards.

Algore ... to Kerry ... to "big hips." The broad whose husband is afraid to touch her. Gee. Such a long marriage. I wonder why.

Ya know, even if Hillary measures the windows, again, in the Oval Office, the only drapes she hangs will go on the outside.

What will the craps do after she loses? Will they just pluck fleas off dogs? And, the Cookie Monster can tell us the runner's name? Or will we be given a selection of green plants?

Will it matter? The current geniuses on the supremes will figure out that every crap vote counts twice. And, it can be written on toilet paper.

The "leadership" jar's done been emptied out. So sad. Too bad. But that's what happens when qualifications get lowered, doesn't it? Didn't it?

First, no music. Then, no dance. And, now no leaders. It's as if history won't have trouble separating out segments at fifty year snips. You see anything worth saving? Even our movies are worse than re-treads. People, someday, will wonder if we just didn't sleep through half our century, by now.


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