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Monday, July 18, 2005

BonnieBlueFlag -- The Liberal Terrorist Next Door

By BonnieBlueFlag

I have not read Bernie Goldberg's book, "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America: (and Al Franken Is #37)," nor do I plan to in the near future. Even a book that puts people I genuinely dislike up for scrutiny, would push me over the edge if I were to read it today. Perhaps in 10 years it will be a nice historical read for me. So this is not a review of Mr. Goldberg's book.

However, Mr. Goldberg has done a sufficient number of radio and TV interviews, to have given me a very good idea of the purpose and the content of his book.

At long last someone has recognized and put into print, my own thoughts and feelings about the Left/Liberals in this country. They are a collection of individuals and groups, that have no regard for the true meaning of America, or of being an American.

Each group has its own personal agenda and goals, and those groups are willing to go to any lengths (be they illegal, corrupt, or depraved), to regain the power that they feel entitled to, in order to impose their will upon the rest of us.

Ideologically speaking, the only thing they have in common, is their obsession to trample the voice of the Right/Conservatives.
Politics in this country has evolved into a thinly veiled all out war. The Democrats are more than willing to envelop any splinter rag tag group, including jailed felons, to increase the size of their voter base. While the rest of us rush to become Republicans (who are less than perfect), out of self defense. Meanwhile, there are those who recognize the inadequacies of both parties, and turn to the Libertarian party.

What has become predominant within the Democratic party in its quest for power, is their own brand of "Terrorism."
They are the party of the ecological terrorists, who have no qualms about burning down homes that have been built on privately owned property. Land that this group insists should remain wild and untouched, even at someone else's expense.
This is in direct odds with the "new eminent domain" terrorist group, that feels all land should be developed for the economic benefit of private companies, and an increased tax base for the local government.

Then we have the terrorist group that goes onto private property owned by automobile dealerships, for the sole purpose of defacing and destroying vehicles, that they personally deem unsuitable for the American public. They feel empowered to make that decision for us, while their actions increase the cost of vehicles and insurance for us as well.
Members of this group overlap with the group that believes it is their right, to decide whether or not we will have oil for next winter, and at what price. They prevent us from becoming energy independent by drilling in oil fields that belong to us such as ANWAR, but they are the first ones on the street with their ill manners and their banners, to protest the war in Iraq as a war for oil.

We desperately need a new oil refinery, which would help decrease the price of fuel at the gas pump, but it cannot be built over the objections of the ecological terrorists. These people insist on alternate means of energy that are not readily available to the rest of us.
Meanwhile, Walter Cronkite refuses to allow a Wind Farm within eyesight of his home; Barbra Striesand tells us to conserve energy, even as her air conditioner in several homes is set at 65 degrees; and Robert Redford sits on his Utah mountain top in plush wilderness surroundings, dictating a cramped and crowded lifestyle for the rest of us. Terrorists each and every one of them, because they wish to curtail our individual rights. Freedoms that our fathers and grandfathers have fought and died for, so that their children could have a better life.
The pro-choice terrorists have helped to create a society where men walk away from their dalliances, telling the women to get an abortion. Women in an effort to be equal to men in every aspect, demand to have abortion available to them, so that they like the men, don't have to take any responsibility for their actions.

How many recent cases have there been, of men killing their pregnant wives and girlfriends, because they have refused to have an abortion? How many women have lived to regret having had those abortions, including Norma McCorvey, the woman known as Jane Roe, in Roe vs. Wade?
Also welcomed under the big Democratic tent, is the terrorist group that believes animals should not be owned by people. Their solution to a problem seen only by them, has included murdering someone else's beloved pets, especially dogs. They feel that the animals are better off dead, than being owned by one of us.
These home grown terrorists are becoming more and more bold in their actions. During the 2004 presidential election season, how many Republican campaign offices were vandalized? On election day last November, vans and other vehicles to be used by the Republicans, were sabotaged.

Personally owned vehicles with "Vote for Bush & Cheney" bumper stickers were vandalized, thus ending the free speech of many, with the fear of a personal attack by an unseen political terrorist.

And just in the past few days, Karl Rove who has yet to be proven guilty of wrong doing, was targeted by these same liberal terrorists. Directions to his house where made public, along with the order to their minions, to befoul his home and lawn with excrement of any type.

Every one who participated in this prescribed activity, either by directive or deed, is a "terrorist." And, it is these terrorists who know no bounds, that are dragging all of America, into a crude and morally bankrupt society that has never before existed.
It would be my wish that we could send every one in Washington, DC, packing, that we could start over with our political parties; but, since that is not an option, we will have to make do with what we have.

Anyone who does not want to be a member of the "Terrorist Party," and live in the world that they wish to create, must join together to defeat them and reclaim America. We cannot sit back and judge the less than perfect Republicans, who seem to have no "True Grit" when we need it most. We must continue to improve on the character, and the quality of the Republicans, that we send to represent us in the US Congress.

Throwing up our hands in disgust and not voting at all is tempting, voting a third party to make a statement sounds good; but, those were the very circumstances that gave us eight long years of Bill Clinton. And if the Democrats can arrange for that to happen again, we will have eight long years of Hillary Clinton in our future, along with a Democratic Congress beginning in 2006.

We will eventually win the war in Iraq, and in time we should win the war against Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda; but, most importantly we absolutely must win the war against the terrorists living among us disguised as Liberals/Democrats!

Written by: BonnieBlueFlag


At 6:15 PM, Blogger Billy D said...

I would add my own number 1 - TSCOTUS. They do more in a busy week than the others could do in a lifetime.
*I've said it before, and I'll say it again; if Hillary is elected, she will be the last president you ever have. That and, her idiot husband will wind up running the UN, and we're done.


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