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Monday, September 19, 2005

Salvador Allende was a KGB agent -- whodathunkit?

By Aussiegirl

Herb Meyer sticks his thumb in "The Mitrokhin Archive" and comes up with this plum -- the darling of the American left, Salvador Allende, was a communist stooge on the KGB payroll. Well, let's hope it at least brings to a merciful end the worshipful accolades awarded to Isabel Allende's tedious novels.

The American Thinker

Salvador Allende Gossens of Chile was an icon of the American left, the first Marxist to assume office via the ballot box. The CIA has been blamed for his overthrow and death, further enhancing his cult standing in Camrbidge, Berkeley, and Ann Arbor. Now, 35 years after his election, a book being published today in the U.K., The Mitrokhin Archive, Volume II: the KGB and the World, reveals that Allende was in fact a KGB asset, on the payroll. The London Sunday Times published a valuable summary yesterday.

BY FAR the most important of the KGB's contacts in South America was Salvador Allende Gossens (codenamed Leader by the KGB), whose election as President of Chile in 1970 was hailed as “a revolutionary blow to the imperialist system in Latin America”....

Regular Soviet contact with Allende after his election was maintained not by the Soviet Ambassador but by his KGB case officer, Svyatoslav Kuznetsov, who was instructed by the centre to “exert a favourable influence on Chilean government policy”. According to Allende’s KGB file, he “was made to understand the necessity of reorganising Chile's army and intelligence services, and of setting up a relationship between Chile’s and the USSR’s intelligence services”. Allende was said to react positively....

Kuznetsov arranged his regular meetings with Allende through the President’s personal secretary, Miria Contreras Bell, known as La Payita and codenamed Marta by the KGB. La Payita was Allende’s favourite mistress during his presidency. Kuznetsov reported that Allende was spending “a great deal of time” in her company. “His relationship with his wife has more than once been harmed as a result.” Despite Allende’s affairs, however, his wife, Hortensia, remained intensely loyal to him. Kuznetsov did his best to cultivate her as well as her husband.

In October 1971, on instructions from the Politburo, Allende was given $30,000 “in order to solidify the trusted relations” with him. Allende also mentioned to Kuznetsov his desire to acquire “one or two icons” for his private art collection. He was presented with two icons as a gift.

Needless to say, the American press is studiously uninterested in any of this important news.


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous BLACKMINORCA said...


And our vote for best article of the year is "Self Hating Euopeans of Eurabia."

At 6:58 PM, Blogger Michael Morrison said...

Actually Allende wasn't elected by the people.
In a replay of a gubernatorial election in Georgia, the U.S. state, not the country, the vote was a three-way split with no one getting a majority.
(Lester Maddox had won the Democrat primary in 1966, but some "liberal" was so horrified he ran as an independent. The Republican -- the first such since the War for Southern Indepence and the resulting federal occupation -- one Bo Calloway, actually received more popular votes, but didn't receive a majority. The Democrat-controlled legislature writhed in agony but finally gave Maddox the governorship. He turned out to be far less of a racist than he had been feared to be and, in fact, appointed more blacks to office than any before him, and possibly anyone since.)
Allende took office because the national legislature voted him into the office.
It was, in a way, democratic, but he definitely did NOT have any electoral mandate -- despite what the leftist "news" media and academics try to say.
(Sort of like the 1992 U.S. election, in which the slimy Bill Clinton got some 43 percent of the popular vote, but USA Today headlined "Mandate," as did several other sycophantic leftist "news" papers, such as the equally slimy Grand Forks [N.D.]Herald.)
Two more points: He was not the first Marxist to take office by more-or-less democratic means. There was a Communist ballot victory in the state of Kerala, India, previously.
The Keralans voted the Communists out the next election, but, strangely, they re-elected them in a later election.
(Acutally there were Marxists elected to office, even in the United States, but they were crypto-Marxists, not openly Communist. I think, in particular, of a certain New York congressman, for example.)
There was one delicious irony in the ouster of Allende. He had, of course, outlawed private ownership of firearms, so when the army acted to get rid of him, none of his allies had weapons to help him.
Allegedly Allende died with an automatic rifle in his hands, gallantly fighting for "freedom," as his deluded defenders claim.
That he was paid by the KGB is good information for us to have. Thanks.


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