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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Birdblog explores a new problem in Russia

By Aussiegirl

Tim Birdnow has a fascinating piece up about a new guest worker proposal being put forth in Russia. Following is a sample of Tim's great writing and thinking over there at Birdblog. And while you're there -- be sure to wish Tim a Happy Anniversary on attaining one year with his blog. We here at Ultima Thule wish him many happy returns of the day, and look forward to reading many more fine articles on everything from history to science to politics. Happy Birthday Birdblog!


According to Pravda, the Russians are about to institute a guest worker program for illegal aliens. This ill-thought out strategy, borrowed from President Bush no doubt, seriously threatens the long term stability of Russia, and imperils the eastern flank of Western Civilization.

I suppose Presidents Bush and Putin did more than gaze lovingly into each-other`s eyes and looking into their alter-ego`s souls; they seem to have passed half-baked ideas back and forth. One of President Bush`s worst ideas was the guest-worker program, and Putin seems to have caught the bug. The problem with guest-worker programs is that, by rewarding illegal immigration, it encourages more of it.


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