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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chief of staff choice is clever media distraction

The coverage of this non-event is a complete waste of time. Nothing will change - the clever reason for announcing this resignation now was to throw the media dogs a bone they could all attack in an orchestrated feeding frenzy, thereby taking coverage away from the increasing Immigrant Intefada taking place in major American cities.

Media wags got to thoughtfully pull on their chins and show off how much inside information they have on the new occupant -- let's see -- he rides a motorcycle, he lives with his girlfriend and her children, he bowls, and he puts his pants on one leg at a time -- all that and the White House too! What we do without the media to analyze world events for the great unwashed out here.

The Bush administration is smarter than we give it credit for when it comes to PR -- only they do it their way. Remember the "largest aerial assault in years" that recently took place in Northern Iraq? The one that miraculously happened on the same day that the staggeringly large debt ceiling was once again raised? That pretty well buried the debt story effectively.

Interestingly, not much came of that huge military campaign except for some 24/7 coverage by the sheep in the media, always happy if aerial shots of any non-event are provided.

Hence we have "breaking news" of a house fire somewhere in some southern city, "breaking news" of some car chase in LA -- as long as it's a helicopter shot -- it's breaking news.

And speaking of helicopter shots -- what overhead coverage were we watching the other day while a half a million illegal immigrants took over Los Angeles and a half-dozen other cities? Were we watching the mobs take to the streets in our own country? No -- we were treated to incessant footage of the French riots.

We might as well face it -- the media are in cahoots with the powers that be to keep your mind off what's really important.

The daytime 24 hour networks are geared toward stay at home women and welfare moms who watch Oprah -- the Oprah-fication of news -- the missing person of the week saga, the latest murder mystery, and more meaningless gossip and sob stories.

And you thought "Breaking News" actually meant something

Buffalo News - Chief of staff choice disappoints those hoping for change


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