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Monday, April 03, 2006

The last Stalinist in Europe

By Aussiegirl

Read this article to find out just what makes someone a "Stalinist". Let's start with Lukashenko's own words: “An authoritarian style of rule is characteristic of me, and I have always admitted it.” Who's to say that he is the last such monster in Europe, or for that matter the world? After all, look at all the countries in Africa whose leaders emulate such an attitude. And let's not forget South America, where our Monroe Doctrine is rapidly becoming an ancient, nearly forgotten text only studied by scholars versed in Old English.

The American Thinker

Last week, a tragedy occurred in Europe, though the American media largely ignored it, and our political leadership has not made it an issue. For all the talk of democracy in Iraq and in the Middle East, there is still one bastion of Stalinism in Europe. That is in the country of Belarus, where last week, the last of the Old Guard of the KGB flexed its muscle.

[...] Putin, while an ideological soulmate of Lukashenko, is believed to be bothered by aspects of Lukashenko’s “Presidency” and is rumored to want a less controversial dictator for Belarus. More economic and political pressure from the US and from the EU must be applied to Russia, so that Putin can be maneuvered to do the right thing and have Lukashenko removed from office.

It is time for the United States, The EU and NATO to finally muster up some testosterone, and demand free and fair elections in Belarus.


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