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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The spinning scarlett spiral in the windmills of my mind

By Aussiegirl

I'm scrolling through the news channels at the top of the hour and here is what I see -- a hurricane, Dan Rather complaining about a hurricane, a photo of a missing girl, and water dribbling into someone's yard from -- a hurricane -- and palm trees swaying in -- a hurricane -- a reporter
in a soaked slicker, reporting from -- a hurricane.

Meanwhile -- Islamist terrorists are plotting a nuclear holocaust in our cities -- North Korea refuses to come to an agreement to abandon its nukes -- Iran thumbs its nose at the UN and the world -- the avian flu may become the biggest pandemic since the 1918 disaster that killed millions -- China is arming -- Russia is making dangerous alliances -- Chavez in Venezuela is fomenting communist revolutions all over Latin America along with his pal Castro -- terrorists and illegals stream across our unguarded borders.

Hearings are about to be held on Able Danger -- but we don't know if we will be privy to them because someone very high up has removed the security clearance of the top witness in order to discredit him -- someone who has to be very high up in the Pentagon -- Sandy Berger has gotten a slap on the wrist for stealing and destroying top secret government documents which might incriminate top officials in malfeasance before 9/11 -- Clinton is publicly tearing the Bush administration to shreds while the Bushes pander and fawn before him and Hillary --

While the networks feed us pap and missing persons and hurricanes. Is this madness? Or are we being lulled to sleep by government and the media while the world spins out of control? Hush, little children -- take your SOMA -- and do not worry. The government will take care of you. A hurricane? -- don't worry -- there are unlimited funds in the government printing presses to buy everyone their own home on their own land. Need money? -- here's a debit card -- buy what you like with it. Vuitton bags? -- why go right ahead -- who are we to interfere with the free expression of your self esteem.

Meanwhile -- have you seen the latest picture of the hurricane? It's a beautiful if scary sight -- look -- it's red and pretty and it goes around and around in a spiral -- like a galaxy -- look, children -- don't take your eyes from the spinning scarlett spiral -- you are getting sleepy -- you are getting very sleepy -- you feel so drowsy and unconcerned that nothing in the world will ever trouble you again -- you are happy -- happy that your politicians have no allegiance to country or party or to people -- only to each other -- you are happy that there are powerful people in
government who take care of everything for you and pay for everything so you needn't worry.

See the water drain from New Orleans -- isn't it beautiful? All that water draining, draining, draining -- like the coffers of the government -- but the government has unlimited money -- and its money can do miraculous things -- it can buy popularity -- it can build bridges to nowhere at fantastic costs -- and it's all free -- see? -- it doesn't cost you a dime -- just look at the pretty picture of
the hurricane -- see how prettily it spins -- round and round the scarlett spiral goes -- over and over again.

And isn't it sad -- here's another pretty white girl who is tragically missing. Feel her loss -- feel her mother's pain -- don't think about the terrorists -- don't think about the war in Iraq -- just sleep, children, sleep -- and watch the commercials that urge you to buy -- and buy -- and buy -- to
make you happy. And here's Michael Jackson in Bahrain -- you'd forgotten about him, hadn't you? But there he is -- isn't that fascinating?

And when the hurricane is over we will show you beautiful tropical Aruba again? -- won't that be exciting? -- You can play at being Agatha Christie with Greta -- Isn't that more exciting than thinking about nasty old terrorists or politics? And when the hurricane is over there will always be car chases filmed from thrilling heights in moving helicopters -- see the cars roll endlessly through the maze of streets and canyons in LA -- sleep, children -- there's always something out here to amuse you -- so never fear.

Aren't you glad you have journalists to make sure that you are informed about the world? We are professionals -- you can leave the thinking to us -- we are highly trained -- for this we have trained our entire lives and attended J schools in the finest halls of academe, honing and practicing our skills in front of countless cameras -- we learned to apply our makeup in moving sound trucks and in the backs of humvees if necessary -- the world is our green room -- we live to bring the world to your living room -- we live to help you understand. We are Fair and Balanced -- we are Fox -- YOUR network - remember? We are the Republican party -- professional politicians -- you can leave the governing to us -- we are the party of BIG GOVERNMENT -- remember? Surely you remember -- just keep your eyes on the spinning scarlett spiral -- see how prettily it spins -- will it hit New Orleans again? Oh, what important things there are to worry about!


At 4:10 AM, Blogger Billy D said...

Excellent post! Like an ice pick to the forhead, you know? Funny how nobody wants to talk about the real stuff. They're going to be affected by it too, so why stick your head in the sand? I don't get it.

At 8:38 AM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

``Hearings are about to be held on Able Danger -- but we don't know if we will be privy to them because someone very high up has removed the security clearance of the top witness in order to discredit him -- someone who has to be very high up in the Pentagon`` --

I had heard the guy who ran Able Danger talking about that on the radio, and the implications went completely over my head!! Ye Cats! You are 100% right-this goes up high into the Pentagon! Why is the Administration covering for the Clintons?

Aussiegirl, once again YOU ARE the cutting edge; you have penetrated through the fog (and hurricane)to get to the heart of the matter. We do indeed have bigger fish to fry, and we had better start cooking before we ourselves end up out of the frying pan and in the fire!

Brilliant post!

At 10:20 AM, Anonymous piano girl said...

While I can understand "Aruba fatigue" setting in, it if were my daughter who was missing, I'd be on every TV show for as long as I could trying to bring her home safely or at least find out what happened to her. That said, "tragedy TV" is certainly easier for the alphabets to report on than to actually admit that President Bush just might be right about the dangers of terrorism in the world today. This didn't start on 9/11, and unfortunately, I'm afraid it will be with us for longer than any of us can even fathom. Thank goodness for Aussie Girl, BBF and the rest of the bloggers doing their best to keep us up to date on what is really happening in the world today.

At 10:35 AM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

You know the old news adage, "If it bleeds it leads."

The average busy individual with a short attention span, can easily pick up on the ramifications of being a hurricane victim; while a case like "Able Danger," requires a person to learn more than what can be presented in an 8 second sound bite.

And the bottom line is always the bottom line, summed up by the Nielsen ratings. Ratings that always escalate by following the rule, "That if it bleeds it leads."

The conservative talk show hosts and the bloggers may have the alphabet news networks shaking in their boots, because they no longer control the release of news and information to the public, but that same public has not changed.

The TV news outlets have all turned to tabloid reporting, in their quest for high ratings and big bucks, even and especially Fox.

Fox began as such a breath of fresh air in their, "Fair and Balanced" reporting, but they were soon discontented with their excellent ratings. Their greed quickly caused them to hire people like Greta and Geraldo, and we are once again served tabloid stories with a liberal flavor, with truth and hard news put on a shelf somewhere.

Without Lucianne.com, and Blogs like Ultima Thule, Birdblog, and so many others, we would be right back in the dark ages.

At 5:18 AM, Blogger TJ Willms said...

I absolutely love the “biting” satire it’s nearly as mesmerizing as watching the pretty spinning scarlet spiral ooooh how pretty!

I thought we were through examining the “Clinton Legacy” but it keeps rearing its ugly head. The fit for broadcast items of it are oral sex as dinner table conversation, creative uses for cigars other than smoking, 1.6 gallon per flush toilets that when they aren’t plugged always look filthy, some truly homely currency, America’s first “black” president, and the redistribution of wealth through litigation aka The tobacco lawsuits. Have I missed anything?

Like an iceberg, those are only the portions that can be seen above the water and every so often, we get a peek beneath the waves. Much more of the damage done by the slick Willy administration is hidden from view until it can no longer be ignored. I can only hope that the able danger investigation helps to shed a bit of light on what an America hating scumbag this guy was and is and we can start undoing the unseen damage he and his cohorts have done.

Great piece Aussiegirl and happy anniversary Ultima Thule!


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