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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Le Pen benefits from unrest -- but not if the French press has anything to do with it

By Aussiegirl

Buried in a story about how Right-wing leader Le Pen has increased his popularity and been deluged with new recruits is this paragraph about how the French press are suppressing news about the riots for political reasons. Pravda in Paris, anyone?

Telegraph | News | Le Pen benefits from unrest with 'wave of far-Right recruits': "A television news executive admitted last week to censoring coverage of the riots for fear of encouraging politicians such as Mr Le Pen. Jean-Claude Dassier, the head of the rolling news service LCI, told a conference in Amsterdam: 'Politics in France is heading to the Right and I don't want Right-wing politicians back in second or even first place because we showed burning cars.'"


At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Pindar said...

I wonder if this sort of thing ever happens in our country?... [sarcasm off] At the end of the article, Le Pen's daughter has a number of interesting suggestions: Miss Le Pen also called for the revoking of the automatic right to French nationality for those born in the country, the deportation of immigrants who break the law, and the encouraging of immigrants to abandon their cultures, even so far as changing their name. Sounds OK to me.


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