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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Swedish Welfare State collapses as immigrants wage war -- coming soon to a neighborhood near you courtesy of La Raza and the Republican party

By Aussiegirl

Read what is happening in Sweden -- that bastion of liberalism and socialism. But read further and compare this to what is happening in this country. While we do not yet have the problem with Muslim immigrants that Europe does, we do have a similar situation with Latino illegal immigrants, currently staging massive mob protests and demonstrations all over the country that only appear to be increasing by the day.

Our own jails are filling up with these illegals - fully 30% of inmates in federal penitentiaries are immigrants, and fully 80% of those are illegals. Just as in the Swedish case, the politicians insist that we must have these people here, that our economy would collapse without this illegal tide of immigration. But perhaps here, as in Europe, the taxpayer may wake up and realize that the state is defaulting on its responsibility to provide security in exchange for taxes.

The ruling classes in this country, let's not pretend it's a real democracy any more, have decided that what counts is keeping themselves in power so they can have access to all the goodies, and that their bankers in the financial communities require large numbers of what amounts to slave labor in order to keep their profits high and their costs low.

You -- the taxpayer, are tasked with the job of paying all the social costs this illegal immigration entails -- the staggering health costs, prison budgets, school budgets and on and on.

Quite a deal, eh? Nice work if you can get it. The elites get their profits, the pols get their cushy jobs, the illegals do all the cheap slave labor, and the middle class get the shaft AND the bill.

This is class warfare, and make no mistake about it. The blinkers are off -- the dems want cheap votes -- and they are willing to betray their supposed natural constituency, the working class American in order to do it -- why do they want votes? So they can be the party in power and get their hands on all the money.

The Republicans are eager for the votes of Hispanics for the same reason, they don't want to cede power and get their noses out of the trough.

There is an elite political class in this country that makes sure that no regular person every has a chance to get elected. There are countless examples of honest people who had support and backing who were not permitted to run by the Republican party -- and I'm sure it happens on the Dem side to. The reason is simple -- the only people the parties want coming into Washington are team players -- i.e. -- guys who can be relied upon to play the Washington two-card Monte game with the taxpayers -- lip service in exchange for unfettered power. They don't want some little guy from some small town somewhere, some Mr. Smith goes to Washington type, to come in there and actually imagine he's going to do something for the taxpayers and constituents back home. He has to be brought into line. Much easier to bring in to line someone hand chosen from the inside circles of Republican plutocrats and country club echelons.

Sooner or later this is coming to our country -- when it comes to the illegals -- it's already here. The world is coming to crisis in many areas at once. Keep your eyes peeled -- it will happen before you know it.

(Here is my introduction to another article about Sweden's welfare state that I published last month: This is a long but worthwhile read. Liberals always like to point to the relative success of the cradle-to-grave socialist welfare model in Scandinavia, but what they failed to understand is that that relative success was dependent upon the deeply ingrained homogeneity of their cultures. As this article points out, liberalism leads to multiculturalism, and multiculturalism leads to the breakdown of that very same social contract.)
Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigrants Wage War The Brussels Journal

In one of the rare instances where the Swedish media actually revealed the truth, the newspaper Aftonbladet reported several years ago that 9 out of 10 of the most criminal ethnic groups in Sweden came from Muslim countries. This must be borne in mind whilst reading the following newspaper article:

Immigrants are “waging war” against Swedes through robbery

The wave of robberies the city of Malmö has witnessed during this past year is part of a “war against the Swedes.” This is the explanation given by young robbers from immigrant backgrounds when questioned about why they only rob native Swedes, in interviews with Petra Åkesson for her thesis in sociology. “I read a report about young robbers in Stockholm and Malmö and wanted to know why they rob other youths. It usually does not involve a lot of money,” she says. She interviewed boys between 15 and 17 years old, both individually and in groups.

Almost 90% of all robberies reported to the police were committed by gangs, not individuals. “When we are in the city and robbing we are waging a war, waging a war against the Swedes.” This argument was repeated several times. “Power for me means that the Swedes shall look at me, lie down on the ground and kiss my feet.” The boys explain, laughingly, that “there is a thrilling sensation in your body when you’re robbing, you feel satisfied and happy, it feels as if you’ve succeeded, it simply feels good.” “It’s so easy to rob Swedes, so easy.” “We rob every single day, as often as we want to, whenever we want to.” The immigrant youth regard the Swedes as stupid and cowardly: “The Swedes don’t do anything, they just give us the stuff. They’re so wimpy.” The young robbers do not plan their crimes: “No, we just see some Swedes that look rich or have nice mobile phones and then we rob them.”

[...]It is interesting to note that these Muslim immigrants state quite openly that they are involved in a “war,” and see participation in crime and harassment of the native population as such. This is completely in line with what I have posited before. The number of rape charges in Sweden has quadrupled in just above twenty years. Rape cases involving children under the age of 15 are six times as common today as they were a generation ago. Most other kinds of violent crime have rapidly increased, too. Instability is spreading to most urban and suburban areas. Resident aliens from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominate the group of rape suspects. Lawyer Ann Christine Hjelm found that 85 per cent of the convicted rapists were born on foreign soil or from foreign parents. The phenomenon is not restricted to Sweden. The number of rapes committed by Muslim immigrants in Western nations is so extremely high that it is difficult to view these rapes as merely random acts of individuals. It resembles warfare. This is happening in most Western European countries, as well as in other non muslim countries such as India. European jails are filling up with Muslims imprisoned for robberies and all kinds of violent crimes, and Muslims bomb European civilians. One can see the mainstream media are struggling to make sense of all of this. That is because they cannot, or do not want to, see the obvious: this is exactly how an invading army would behave: rape, pillage and bombing. If many of the Muslim immigrants see themselves as conquerors in a war, it all makes perfect sense.

[...]Although Sweden is an extreme example, similar stories could be told about much of Western Europe. As Mark Steyn points out, the Jihad in the streets of France looked like the early skirmishes of an impending Eurabian civil war, brought on by massive Muslim immigration and Multicultural stupidity. Law and order is slowly breaking down in major and even minor cities across the European continent, and the streets are ruled by aggressive gangs of Muslim youngsters. At the same time, Europeans are paying some of the highest taxes in the world. We should remind our authorities that the most important task of the state – some would even claim it should be the only task of the state – is to uphold the rule of law in exchange for taxation. Since it is becoming pretty obvious that this is no longer the case in Eurabia, we should question whether these taxes are still legitimate, or whether they are simply disguised Jizya paid in the form of welfare to Muslims and our new Eurocrat aristocracy. Although not exactly the Boston Tea Party, perhaps the time has now come for a pan-European tax rebellion: We will no longer pay taxes until our authorities restore law and order and close the borders to Muslim immigration.


At 5:12 PM, Anonymous blackminorca said...

Great Idea!

Lets get all the illegals to buy houses, pay taxes, send their kids to the best private colleges - and then they'll be easy to deport just like the Ukrainian American family on Christmas


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