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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What's Bubba doing up Bush's sleeve?

By Aussiegirl

Author J. James Estrada postulates a theory to explain the inexplicable coziness between the Bushes and the disgraced groper-in-chief Bill Clinton. I tend to disagree and find that the motive goes much deeper, to something that we are not fully aware of yet. And Able Danger may have something to do with it. I think these men are covering up for each other, because the powerful always have more in common with each other than they do with you or me or the truth coming out. All these years we've been reassured that Bush has an ace up his sleeve that he will pull out at just the right moment and show us all what a brilliant poker player he is. As BonnieB. so cleverly put it to me one day, after years of hoping that he had something up his sleeve it may turn out that all that's up there is either Karl Rove's arm -- or Bush's elbow.

The American Thinker: "Why would a Republican President give aid and comfort to a disgraced former Democrat President, who is hungry for a revised legacy?

Well, in watching the Monday Night Football games this week, the answer became clear. One couldn't help but be aware of the "Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund" during the evening that was devoted to fund-raising by the NFL and ABC-TV. The phrase was shown on the screen and mentioned so often, it was as if someone was desperately trying to tell you something beyond the obvious. My friend, during the course of the Cowboys demise to the Redskins, the - message - was received.

This is how the pieces of this puzzle come together. Bush goes out of his way to bring Bill into the fold. Bill answers the call. Bill and the elder Bush do their thing. Bill shows up, as he did this weekend, on the Sunday shows and trashes the President.

Do you see it? Keep reminding America about the unseemliness of all things Clinton!

The man's many character flaws are creating an Andreas Fault beneath his wife's presidential ambitions. Keep straining and applying pressure to the vulnerable area and one day, poof! The earth will move and everything that can be shaken will be shaken.


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